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Who said you have to live with acne forever? Say goodbye to acne and hello to clear skin! You may be surprised but not using oxygen could be one of the reasons why you haven't been able to bid farewell to your breakouts.

Come see me for the O2 Detox Facial. -

Regina Honey Hilton, licensed esthetician since 2002

4.9 GOOGLE Reviews          97% Acne Clear Skin Success Rate      Skin Specialist Since 2002

I will help you achieve

and maintain radiant, clear, youthful healthy skin

All of these customer results were achieved in less than 6 months with lasting RESULTS!


Get Your Curated Skincare Delivered Monthly

Stay on your regimen & maintain consistent clear, youthful & healthy skin. Auto monthly delivery of your customized skincare.   

Shop Our Professional Skincare 24/7

Our skincare is formulated without hormonal interrupting, pore clogging, or dehydrating ingredients. Loved by my clients since 2014! 

Buy The Full Clear Skin Regimen 

Buy the Acne, Anti-aging, or Sensitive skin full regimen skincare kit to jumpstart your clear & ageless skin results TODAY!

Come In For A  Treatment Facial

Book a 45 minute or 1 hour advanced professional facial treatment to deep cleanser your skin & pores, heal acne faster, & look more vibrant.

Say goodbye to the hassles of booking appointments and hello to the convenience of having our licensed esthetician Regina Honey Hilton's expertly curated skincare line delivered straight to your doorstep each month.

Acne, Anti-Aging, Radiant, & Corrective
Skincare Subscriptions

I developed the Oxygen Rescue facial mask when I realized that oxygen played a significant role in improving my clients' skin. I wanted a formula that didn't contain peroxide, so my clients could use it daily without any worries of drying out their skin. Today, 100% of my clients not only include my oxygen facial in their acne routine but also passionately claim that they can't live without it.

Regina Hilton,
Licensed Esthetician & Acne Specialist

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Many of our clients have seen tremendous results from our home care skincare without the need of any in clinic  treatments. (including this real client who only received Microcurrent for anti-aging, but resolved her redness & acne with homecare only).

Dropper Bottle


Acne & Redness

with our specially formulated Oxygen & Vitamin K skincare

oxygen and vitamin k skincare

Oxygen Rescue - Your Clear Skin Solution

Eliminate 10 step acne regimens that don't work! . See Results with Oxygen.

Add oxygen to your acne regimen for clearer skin faster & with lasting results.

Best used daily for severe acne.

Over 30 oxygen facials per bottle

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Ready for healthier skin?

our reputation is built on delivering professional results in our clinic & in your home

facials by skin haven rx reviews

Jasmin T, St Louis

I started using Regina's products and they worked on my sensitive skin. I can't live without these products because they changed the game for my skin thats been a problem since in my teens.

facials by skin haven rx customer reviews

Lea M, Kansas, Mo

I found Regina on Instagram & wanted to travel for one of her facials...instead she gave me a consult & I've been using her products for over 3 years now. 

facials by skin haven rx client review

Fran S, St. Louis, Mo

I've been a client of Regina's for a very long time up until I relocated back to the east coast. I continue using all of her products because they're the only products that seem to work & work very very well. I am never short of getting compliments on my skin.


Skin Consultation

This is the place to be heard! & to get answers to your skin concerns.

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Now offering our Monthly Subscription Skincare Box

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