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Which facial is right for you

these are just a few of our most performed facials

What Is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent is a technology that uses low level electrical current that mimicks the human body electrical current, to help rejuvenate, repair, restore and revitalize the tissue functions of the skin. 

Aging & acne skins lack energy in the muscles that allow the skin to remain firm, toned, and smooth.


Microcurrent reestablishes and re-energizes the muscle tissues so it can properly support the functions of the skin that heals, produce collagen & elastin, and keeps blood flow moving in the skin.

This treatment is safe & non-invasive without any downtime. Clients notice instantly healthier looking, smooth, brighter, tighter, toned, lifted & sculpted skin after just one session. A series of 10 weekly sessions is recommended for severe acne, deeper lines & wrinkles and loose & saggy skin to achieve more lasting results and to gain cumulative results.

This treatment is not for those with the following medical issues:

active cancer, pregnancy, diabetes, neurological issues, extreme migraine headaches, thyroidism, heart issues, metal implants, pacemakers


Microdermabrasion uses a rough texture modality to provide a deeper skin exfoliation. We use a Diamond crusted tip in our clinic instead of loose grains to deliver a more comfortable treatment with better control in smoothing scars. Microdermabrasion reduces dark spots, smoothes scars, lines & wrinkles & rough skin texture.


When added to a facial, Microdermabrasion helps to make the skin much brighter, less congested, softer to the touch, and overall more radiant.

This treatment is painless with no downtime aside from refraining from sun exposure for 48 hours. 

We recommend Microdermabrasion for both acne & anti-aging clients.

Advanced Microneedling Facial

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling uses a device with a series of surgical needles to help improve acne scars(pits), deep lines & wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and skins that need better product penetration.

This process creates tiny microchannels in the skin & pores to stimulate a wound response in order to activate the collagen & elastin functions to begin to repair the skin.

There may be a slight discomfort during the treatment (numbing is available), and a few days following. Expect skin redness & slight swelling for 1-3 days post Microneedling. Expect skin peeling & shedding for up to 10 days post treatment. 

Notice improvement of reduced lines & wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, skin texture and hydration within 30 Days.

What Is Microdermabrasion?

What is the Filler Facial?

Our filler facial is without needles and uses Poly-Lactic Acid & plant Stem Cells to plump, smooth, brighten & tighten the skin. There is no downtime & no pain. Results typically lasts for 6-8 weeks. Perfect for special occasions.

chemical peels for acne-stl.jpg
What is LED  Light Therapy?

LED Light therapies are excellent non-invasive & painless skin therapy for the treatment of acne, age correction & anti-aging concerns. We offer over 7 LED light combinations to address everything from active acne, pigmentation & sun damage, loss of skin elasticity, & lines & wrinkles. Each treatment delivers significant results that can be noticed within 2-5 days.

Acne Chemical Peels

We offer advanced chemical peels to treat acne including our overnight peels. 

Jessners, Mandelic, Vitamin A, Blended, TCA

Anti-Aging Chemical Peels

Our advanced anti-aging chemical peels deliver longer lasting results & are perfect for slowing down the signs of aging.

Glycolic blend, VitaminC&A, Perfect Lift Peel, Ultra Bright Peel & more


Our Thermolo device safely & painlessly removes skin tags, sunspots, dark spots, milia, & cherry angiomas without leaving any post treatment scars. No cutting. No stitches required

Oxygen Therapy Facial

Oxygen facials are a must for most everyone as these facials aid in healing the skin from environmental damage and kills skin bacteria  & fungus. Oxygen also provides the skin with anti-aging & will keep the skin more youthful for longer.

New Clients

We Welcome New Clients. Please review our scheduling & appointment policies in order to have a smooth booking process for your convenience & our service providers.

  • Please do NOT book an appointment if you have traveled in the last 2 weeks due to the nature of our business

  • Please wear a face covering upon entering & adhere to sanitizing your hands upon entering

  • A $25 Deposit is due at time of booking. 100% will be applied to your service

  • We are closed on Thursdays & Sundays

  • We are a small & private skin clinic and are usually with clients. Please TEXT if you have questions. No calls.

  • Please arrive 10 Minutes early to your 1st appointment to complete our New Client intake forms

  • No guests allowed at your appointment unless to assist with any disabilities

  • If unsure of what service you need, we recommend Booking our Consultation or Customized Facial and we can adjust the service 

  • We understand that things may arise & you cannot make your appointment, therefore we have appointment reminders that are sent by both Text & Email 2 days prior and 24 hours prior. You can reschedule on the reminder or by sending us a text or email.

  • Should you cancel the same day, your deposit will not be refunded nor applied to a service.

  • Consultations are 20 minutes in duration and if you are 5 minutes late, this will be considered a cancelled or No Show appointment 

  • Please understand that we service other clients in our day and cannot allow you to request to make last minute changes due to us working by Appointment Only. 

  • A No Show means that we lost income from being able to service other clients, and therefore we will not offer a refund of your deposit 

  • If your service is for 1 hour and you arrive 20 minutes late, your service will be reduced by 20 minutes & so on.

  • We are located at 8515 Delmar in Suite 202, 63124-upstairs from Jilly's Cupcakes and in the shopping plaza with Half Price Books 

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