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Facial Services Offered

Customized Facials

Not sure what you need? Start here. Our customized facial is customized by our skin expert to address your skin concerns.


Our Thermolo device removes milia, skin tags, blemishes, sun spots, & cherry angiomas with little downtime, no scars, & little discomfort

Filler Facial

This is our anti-aging facial on steroids! Poly-lactic acid mask + Stem Cells to plump the skin, reduce lines & wrinkles by 30%, brighten the skin, & tighten, tone & lift.

Microcurrent + Cupping

Lift, tighten, tone, smooth, sculpt and rejuvenate the skin with this Ultimate anti-aging facial treatment. Not suitable for pregnant, active cancer, heart issues, metal implants.


Microneedling corrects acne scars, deep lines & wrinkles, & pigmentation skin issues. Not suitable for active acne, rosacea, thin skin, or extreme loss of elasticity.

Calm Down Facial

This facial is perfect for sensitive skins, rosacea, and grade III+ acne. Includes botanical skincare, LED therapy, & Oxygen.


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